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Podcast With A Blindness Perspective.

Jul 27, 2017

Key2Access: Accessible Street Crossings and RAZMobile: The Accessible Tactile Button Phone

Blind abilities presents another in their series from the national Federation of the blind (NFB) convention for 2017. Join Cheryl Spencer as she features Key2Access, with their unique approach towards modifying street crossing signals, and razz Mobility, with their non-smart cellular phone for folks who wish to steer clear of smart phone technology.  Key2Access has worked with four cities in Canada to alter street signals to allow BVI pedestrians to access crossing buttons using their accessible iOS app, and Raz Mobility has developed a completely accessible cellular phone with tactile buttons,  offering text messaging and affordable calling plans 


Cheryl gets up close and personal with these two disparate yet relevant contributors in the world of blindness technology. Be sure to check them out on the web.




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