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Podcast With A Blindness Perspective.

Jun 26, 2017

Kevin Key Rises up from His Vision Loss - Creating Opportunities in the Work Place

Kevin Key suffered a rare illness that left him with Vision Loss just 3 years ago. Today Kevin has fought back and is now a consultant with the city of Memphis in Tennessee advocating and educating the Business  owners, managers and city officials about disabilities and creating opportunities.

Kevin has accepted his blindness and has taken the time to tell us about his journey, how his parents set an example for him and how he wants to improve the opportunities for people with disabilities in the workforce.

From being an elected official and now a consultant to elected officials Kevin is taking it day by day and embracing the challenges with optimism and a positive approach while helping others in similar situations. Yes, Kevin may be sitting on the other side of the table today, and his experience on both sides makes his spot at the table a benefit for all people with disabilities. It is nice to know that Kevin’s voice is part of the disability awareness conversation.

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