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Podcast With A Blindness Perspective.

Jan 9, 2017

Kayla Weathers was the first totally Blind person to graduate from Dalton State Collegeand she is now looking forward to her Masters Degree and the challenges ahead of her. Her road to Dalton State was not actually a direct shot. Kayla had to make some decisions along the way to enhance her opportunities to succeed. Transitioning from High School to College is not always a smooth road and sometimes that road takes you out of your comfort zone and across the states.

Kayla went to BLIND, Inc. a training center located in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Not quite the same climate as Georgia has to offer.

Kayla talks extensively about how her blindness training proved her opportunities to achieve her educational goals and how she gained the skills and confidence to do just about anything she set her mind to do.

Join Kayla Weathers and Jeff Thompson in this very informative podcast about transitioning from high school to college. We hope you enjoy and thanks for listening.

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