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Podcast With A Blindness Perspective.

Oct 13, 2018

Show Summary:

Full Transcript:

Dr. Amy Kavanagh was fed up with the grabbing, pushing, polling from the cited community when she adventured out into the public sphere. All to knowing that the adventure itself was challenging in it’s own right, the unsolicited touching nearly kept her from stepping out of the house. Taking to her Twitter feed, Amy talked about the incidences and created the hashtag #JustAskDontGrab.


People started to respond and began using the hashtag #JustAskDontGrab and soon request came in for her to speak on radio and television shows. Meanwhile, her Twitter feed blew up with responses, requests and others chiming in and using #JustAskDontGrab.


Amy is quite passionate about her message and shares what led up to the #JustAskDontGrab campaign. Amy wants the message to be  a tool and an opening for conversation on how to help someone who may appear to need help by asking and not just doing what they think is best.


Join Dr. Amy Kavanagh and Jeff Thompson as they sit down in the Blind Abilities Studio to bring more awareness, education and a teaching moment to the hashtag #JustAskDontGrab.


Stay tuned for the next episode in this 3-part series with Amy Kavanagh and her introduction to the white cane and getting on the list at GuideDogs.UK. And the 3rdin this series on Amy’s journey and revolations when she accepted her blindness.


You can follow Amy on Twitter @BlondeHistorianand follow her blog, Cane Adventureson the web.


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