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Podcast With A Blindness Perspective.

May 28, 2017

Nick D’Ambrosio presents this episode on the 3-finger Voiceover gestures, continuing the Blind Abilities’ series: iPhone 101. Join Nick, along with Pete and Jeff for this informative walk through the 3-finger group of VO gestures, including:

- 3-finger single tap - find your location on your phone,

- 3-finger double tap: turn speech off/on. Note: not quite the same as turning VO off and on by triple-clicking your Home button,

- 3-finger triple tap - turning on and off your Screen Curtain,

- 3-finger quadruple tap - copying last phrase spoken by VO to the clipboard,

- 3-finger swipe up and down - moving up or down a list or page on a web site. Note: remember to swipe ‘down to go up’ and swipe ‘up to go down”.

- 3-finger swipe left and right - move to the next or previous page in a book, or Home screen on your phone.   …

Stay tuned as Blind Abilities brings you much, much more in its iPhone 101 series!

Thank you for listening.

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