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Podcast With A Blindness Perspective.

Aug 9, 2021

iPhone101: Script App  Demonstration and a conversation with Envision America’s Director of Marketing, Jenna Reed


Blind Abilities adds to its growing library of iPhone 101 demonstrations with this in depth perusal of the ScripTalk app for iOS, coupled with an interview with Jenna Reed, Director of Marketing at Envision America. Envision America is a 25 year-old company who offers the Scriptability program, of which ScripTalk is a part. 
Scriptability provides a variety of accessible labels for prescription medications, including  booklet-style, large print (known as ScriptView), dual language and Controlled Substance Safety Labels that attach securely to the medicine bottle. It also encompasses braille overlay labels, and talking labels (ScripTalk), which involve an RFID digital label affixed to the bottom of your pill bottle. In this iPhone 101 demonstration, Pete Lane focusses on using the free iOS ScripTalk app, also available for Android, which reads the RFID labels on the iPhone.
Join Pete as he first chats with Jenna Reed from Envision America who relays to us the history of the company, from its inception when its primary product was ID Mate, a talking bar code scanner, a popular device for blind and visually impaired customers, but which has been recently retired and no longer available for purchase. Jenna assures owners that all warranties will be honored for repairs and maintenance, that spare parts are available, and that any and all efforts will be made to assist users with any problems they may encounter with ID Mate devices. Meanwhile, the company is focused on their accessible prescription labels which are a dynamic and useful product for more than 20,000 blind and visually impaired users. As an alternative, Envision America also provides a stand-alone device which will read the RFID label without having to use the smart phone app. 
Once again Blind Abilities addresses the interests of their listeners with a detailed, yet quick review of an iOS app that is used across the blindness community. Listen as Pete shares his process of enrolling in the ScripTalk program following a potentially dangerous experience in which he mixed-up two different medications using his “tried and true” method of organizing his daily medications. While this method failed, it fortunately led to his decision to join the ScripTalk program which offers an almost foolproof process of identifying prescription medications reliably..
Pete walks through the features of the ScripTalk app, describing how to perform both the Quick Scan and Full Scan options, and delving into the other elements of the app, including the My Meds, Pharmacies and Help tabs, which provide considerable information to users.  
As usual, Pete includes some humor and effects which provide for an interesting demonstration and an entertaining listening experience for you.


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