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Podcast With A Blindness Perspective.

Oct 13, 2021

The iPhone101 Series is growing and now we are adding Quick Bytes to the ever growing series. In this Quick Byte we have 3 quick demos broking into Chapters:

  • Searching in Settings. 00:43
  • Back Tap – Double and Triple Tap. 02:16
  • Key Clicks, Lock Sound, System Haptics. 05:12

Searching in Settings.

  • Settings
  • Search Text Field

You can search for a topic when you open Settings and type in your query and with the results populating just below, single finger swipe to the right  and choose from the options.

Let’s search for Back Tap from the settings search box.

Type in Back Tap, single finger swipe to the right and single finger double tap on Back Tap. 

Note: You can dictate your search query using Siri as well. While in the Search field, two finger double tap and after the beep, say, Back Tap.” you can single-finger swipe left to right and find the search results just below the search field.

Searching from the Settings page allows you to explore quickly and is an easy way to discover more settings options and solutions you may have been looking for.

Setting Up Back Tap

By tapping the back side of your iPhone with a double tap or a triple tap, you can assign gestures, shortcuts and commands to operate instantaneously.  Note: setting down your device can initiate the back tap gesture inadvertently. 

Myth Buster Alert: The back tap gestures will work through a case.

Double Tap Back Tap

  • Settings
  • Accessibility
  • Touch
  • Back Tap
  • Double Tap

Triple Tap Back Tap

  • Settings
  • Accessibility
  • Touch
  • Back Tap
  • Triple Tap

Turning on Lock Sounds, Keyboard Clicks and System Haptics.

Do you like to know that your iPhone locked by hearing a sound of a lock closing? Have you heard the Keyboard Clicks while typing? Is your iPhone vibrating a bit too much when getting feedback?

 You can toggle these settings on or off and choose what suits you best.

  • Settings
  • Sounds and Haptics
  • Keyboard Clicks
  • Lock Sound
  • System Haptics

Contact Your State Services

If you reside in Minnesota, and you would like to know more about Transition Services from State Services contact Transition Coordinator Sheila Koenig by email or contact her via phone at 651-539-2361.


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