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Podcast With A Blindness Perspective.

Oct 19, 2021

 Have you ever spent time listening to music, only to run across a song where you just can’t recall its title, or the artist who wrote or performed it?  Blind Abilities presents a demonstration of the music recognition feature in iOS which is a handy and really cool feature that allows you to quickly identify songs and artists that you  hear around you, and even songs that are playing on your own phone or tablet. in fact, there are a few quick and easy ways to find out this information, and that’s exactly what we’ll be reviewing today.  

Picture yourself in a boat on a river, or out in the car listening to the radio, in a store hearing music from speakers in the ceiling, or listening to a  music streaming service or any other source of music where you hear a song playing. 

In this demonstration, Pete Lane demonstrates how to use the Shazam app to capture and process the audio, and fill you in on its title, composer and performer. He  walks us through how to ask Siri to identify the information about music you might hear around you, or even on your own device.

Finally, imagine you are scrolling through YouTube, Dropbox or another streaming app on your phone, and a random song plays that you are  unfamiliar with. here you can simply open your control center and tap on the music recognition widget and get the information you want. 

how do I place a music widget in my control center you might ask? well it’s easy. 

  1. Go to settings on your Home Screen and perform a single-finger double-tap.
  2. Flick down to control center and do another single-finger double tap.
  3. Flick to Music Recognition and double tap on “Insert Music recognition”. This will add it to the Control Center.

There are two easy ways to open the Control Center to invoke Music Recognition or for any other reason. First, place your finger in the Status Bar which is the thin strip that runs across the top of each screen on your device. Then you can do either: 

  1. Run one finger down the screen from the top of the page until you hear the first of two audible clicks. You can do this anywhere on the screen but it may be easier to do so along the edge, using your phone case as a guide to keep your movement straight
  2. Perform a 3 finger swipe up from the bottom of the screen.

In both cases you will hear Voiceover say “Control Center” as it opens. 

Once your Control Center is open, simply navigate to your Music Recognition element and perform a single finger double tap and it will begin processing the song and tell you it’s composer and performer.

Be sure to join Pete as he demonstrates this cool feature that will never leave us high and dry for specifics about the music we love.

Be sure to join Pete as he demonstrates this cool feature that will never leave us high and dry for specifics about the music we love.

we want to thank the composers and artists who contributed to our musical line-up today:  Special thanks go out to:

* Chee Chau -  Big Bang   

* Jim Brinkman - Home Again

* Marcus Roberts - Express Mail Delivery 

* Jeff Thompson - On the Rebound, performed by Archie Anderson

* Pete Lane - Greater Heights and Going Out Tonight 

* We were able to demonstrate the Shazam app and other music recognition features with the help of these people and their songs without fear of copyright infringement issues.

Shazam is a free stand-alone app available in the App Store.

Feel free to offer any feedback you might have, including suggestions for topics we might consider for our demonstrations or podcast interviews. We value your opinions and welcome your input!

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