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Podcast With A Blindness Perspective.

Apr 14, 2018

iPhone101: Even More Tips and Tricks with the Single Finger Double Tap and Hold Gesture

Nick D'amBrosio is back with three more tips and tricks for the use of the single finger double tap and hold gesture. Join Pete and Nick as they present the following new gestures using Voiceover accessibility:


* in the drafts folder in your email app. Double tap and hold on the compose button, and watch your drafts folder open up magically! This is a quick and easy way to resume working on an old draft email, or start a  new one.


* double tap and hold on the reader button in your Safari app. This reveals several options regarding setting your reader feature on websites, either a specific one, or all websites. It’s a quick and easy way to employ the Safari reader view to remove various web characteristics from your reading material and make reading quick and smooth .


*  double tap and hold on the Reload button on the website and watch as the desk top version of that website magically appears! Often the desktop version of these sites contains more information that you may find necessary.


Nick DamBrosio is our Canadian correspond it on the Blind Abilities team. Nick has contributed previously to the Blind Abilities line-up, and the  iPhone 101 series with various gestures, including other very cool applications for the single finger double tap and hold gesture. Check out those previous Podcasts now!

iPhone101 Series on Blind Abilities


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