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Podcast With A Blindness Perspective.

Apr 29, 2021

Blind Abilities brings you another episode in the iPhone 101 demonstrations and reviews series which will add to your arsenal of Keyboard shortcuts in the Text Replacement section of your Keyboard Settings. This one will show you just how easy it is to add emojis to your library of readily available shortcuts. 

As Jeff Thompson demonstrated in a previous iPhone101 Demonstration, which follows this demo, Jeff shows how you can use just a couple of letters to create a shortcut which will automatically populate the dialog box or page with commonly used phrases, names, hashtags, email addresses and anything you desire. Now Pete Lane adds emojis to that list of possible shortcuts.

Steps for Text Replacement:

  1. Single finger double tap on the Settings icon.
  2. , swipe down to General.
  3. Single finger double tap on Keyboard
  4.  Single finger double tap on the Text Replacement option..

Pete will then walk you through the simple process of creating a shortcut to add emojis to your library. 

While some of us have been resistant to the use of emojis because they are so visual in nature, it is easy for blind and visually impaired iOS users to identify and use emojis effectively in any written communications we engage in, even with our sighted counterparts.

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