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Podcast With A Blindness Perspective.

Jan 23, 2018

iPhone101: A Review of Locking Screen Rotation, Auto Lock and Raise To Wake Features

Blind Abilities presents another episode in our iPhone101 series. As we move past our in depth review of all of the various Voiceover gestures, Pete shares three simple iPhone settings which he ensures are in place whenever he sets up a new iPhone. They are:


* Screen Rotation - located in the iPhone Control Center, this allows us to lock the screen rotation to eliminate the constant, annoying Voiceover message telling us that our phone has switched from Portrait to Landscape, and vice versa. 


* Auto Lock - this setting, which is found in Settings, Display and Brightness,  controls the time after which your iPhone screen automatically locks after no activity. The time settings start with 30 seconds and go up to five minutes. There is also a “Never” setting which Pete prefers, but be mindful of the potential vulnerability this brings with the security of your phone and its contents.


* Raise to Wake - this setting also resides in Settings, Display and Brightness, allows your iPhone to wake up when you pick it up in your hand. This can be a time-saver, but try it to see if you like it. Some folks feel that it’s an annoyance.


Tune in to this short but informative demonstration and review of these three features, which Pete refers to as “settings of convenience”.


Stay tuned as we continue to move into more advanced iPhone operations in the informative series “iPhone101” from Blind Abilities.


Thank you for listening.

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