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Podcast With A Blindness Perspective.

Aug 28, 2018

Full Transcript

Jeff Thompson sits down for a conversation with Liz bottner. Liz is a dynamic individual who works for the VA as an Assistive Technology (AT) specialist, teaching blinded Veterans about computer technology. Listen as Jeff and Liz delve into her early childhood and schooling, a strong TVI who positively influenced her approach towards self-advocacy throughout her life, and her progress through college and her MBA studies. Learn how Liz actively found work and the round-about road to her current position with the Veteran’s Administration (VA). As we said, Liz is a dynamic person: a fearless goalie on a blind hockey team, a strong advocate for the blindness community and an Aira Explorer who tackles each and every opportunity in life as if it is a challenge to be overcome.
Join Jeff Thompson as he engages this fascinating guest as only Jeff can, with insightful questions and inimitable style!

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