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Podcast With A Blindness Perspective.

Dec 31, 2017

Inclusion In STEM Programs and Maker Spaces Keeps Physics Major Jamie Principato Soaring High in Colorado


STEM: Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. With the inclusion of Arts one has STEAM and one can find classes and programs for each on-line by a Google Search.

Colorado University offers summer discovery camps and is inclusive to children with disabilities, not to exclude other opportunities, and our guest Jamie Principato will be teaching at CU Science Discovery Summer Camp.

Jamie Principato joins Blind Abilities over a Skype conversation to talk about what has been going on since she last joined us in the late spring of 2017. Jamie’s STEM curriculum was a great success at the Colorado Center for the Blind Summer Program. Jamie is in her senior year as a Physics Major, yet, has also began teaching at the very same university, taking on the challenges of transitioning from student to teacher in the same day.

Jamie talks about STEM programs and how inclusiveness brings about more learning opportunities and Maker Spaces popping up around the states. Jamie’s hobby is science and is working on making it her career every day.

Join Jamie as she talks about her passion for science and how you can get started right now if you have that science discovery bug in you.

You can follow Jamie Principato on Twitter @BlackBirdFly


And to find out more about the CU Summer Classes, you can check them out here on the web.


Stay tuned for more announcements on STEM programs as Blind, Inc and the Minnesota State Academy for the Blind are finalizing the dates and will be announcing soon.


You can find more Podcasts on STEM on the web site under category College/STEM.


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