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Podcast With A Blindness Perspective.

Feb 20, 2016

Pete Lane offers two more Special Tips in the iAccess Demo series relating to the Contacts App in IOS. These tips focus on creating and editing contacts from an Email in your Mail App. This podcast also features Chapters which can be easily navigated in some podcast apps, such as DownCast and OverCast, but not yet available in the native Apple Podcast app. Here are those chapter markers if your podcatcher doesn’t feature Chapter navigation:
1. Introduction, From 00:00:00 To 00:00:08
2. Editing A Contact From An Email, 00:00:08 To 00:03:29
3. Creating A New Contact From An Email, 00:03:29 To 00:05:03
4. Closing, 00:05:03 To 00:05:37

Join Pete for these brief, yet useful tips as the Blind Abilities Team expands this new series - iAccess! #iAccess #Lane7625 #JThompson6835