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Podcast With A Blindness Perspective.

Mar 20, 2018

Google Lens on IOS, Just Picture It, Google did. Looking Through Google Lens is a Whole New perception


Google may not be the new kid on the block; however, with the launch of Google Photos on IOS, the app does join up with the latest from Microsoft in apps that bring accessibility and object recognition to another level. It will be interesting how Google Photos is received and utilized with the Visually Impaired. Actually, Google Photos has been out on Android and now it just landed on IOS with a feature that is quite impressive and called Google Lens.

When images are viewed through the Google Lens, they are analyzed and for the most part recognized and then put through a Google search and identified. Interesting? Yes, it is. I spent over an hour checking out the details on my iPhone device and was quite impressed with Google Photos and the Google Lens feature.

Google Photos works with the cloud and Google Drive as it backs up all your photos to the cloud for free if you choose to do so. After the upload you can create photo books, mini videos and from my experience, Google does it pretty good all on its own.

With facial recognition and pet recognition as well, one can create folders of people, pets and a vast array of other collections.

I chose a couple of known photos and gave them a description and was able to conduct a search for a word in the description and sure enough, Google Photos brought up the image along with a nearly identical photo as the vehicle was the same one. Wow. But that is not all Google Lens can do. I chose another image and it identified the vehicle and a Google Search option that provided me with more information as well.

I was able to add a business card contact, send an email, and look up the business from the card on the internet. Landmark Buildings, Artwork faces, pets, and the list will probably grow as Google has really came prepared with this new approach to recognition and usability. It does seem practical. Maybe it’s a new toy? Sure, so why not give it a try and download Google Photos today.

You can get Google Photos on the App Store and on the Play Store.