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Podcast With A Blindness Perspective.

Mar 19, 2021

Blind Abilities welcomes Tony Gebhard back into the studio. he first appeared on Blind Abilities in the summer of 2019, when Geoff and Pete chatted with him at the NFB National Convention in Orlando, Florida. You can find that interview here, A Morning with Tony Gebhard…

The focus then was on his musical journey, This time back in the studio, the focus of this interview, is Toni‘s life, his recent completion of assistive technology training and TVI classes at World Services for the blind

Congratulations to Toni on his certification as a Teacher of the Visually Impaired (TVI). And his subsequent move to Anchorage Alaska to begin his career with the Alaska Center for the blind.

listen as Toni describes his “journey“ which encompassed some significant lifestyle and emotional changes, and which ultimately led to his move to begin his new job. Tony candidly discusses what has occurred with him over the past three years, which provide a compelling story as well as inspiration to those who may not have found their direction in life as of yet, either emotionally or professionally. Toni is an articulate and self-assured individual, Who shares his excitement about teaching, as well as embarking on a new collateral position with the center at the Alaska Center for the blind. He shares and innovative and fascinating new program he is implementing titled: T. A. P. E., The acronym for which stands for Tenacity, Advocacy,  Perseverance and Empathy, The combination of which offer the capacity to drive an individual to achieving their full purpose in life. Tony’s passion for his new career is contagious, as is his commitment to advancing the independence of his clients. 

Of course, Jeff and Pete would be remiss if they left out a discussion of Tony’s musical activities in the recent past.. Tony released an album in 2020, entitled Drifter, available for streaming on all of the popular services, and be sure to grab a copy at

 Also, Tony is working on a new album which will be entitled Soldier. Its theme will explore the concept of resilience, and promises to be heavier as Tony is excited to get back to his more aggressive roots with some friends coming into the studio. Tony acknowledges that the album may not be finished as quickly as in the past, since he now has a little thing like a job that will take priority. Be patient, however, as this new project promises to be outstanding! Of course, you can hear a few excerpts from Tony’s latest tune called, Trust, in this podcast.

Once again, Blind Abilities features a guest with a story that promises to not only touch on the relevant issues facing today’s blindness community, but does so in an entertaining way with top-notch audio quality in the process. Sit back and enjoy this conversation with Tony Gebhard as he shares his life experiences and his music.

A resource which Tony mentions in this interview is a website where you can find  Low vision services in all fifty states. Check out Enhanced Vision.

Tony also discusses his work with a wonderful resource  while at world services for the blind entitled Computers For the Blind. They provide refurbished computers with assistive software already installed at a very low price.

Contact Your State Services

If you reside in Minnesota, and you would like to know more about Transition Services from State Services contact Transition Coordinator Sheila Koenig by email or contact her via phone at 651-539-2361.


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