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Podcast With A Blindness Perspective.

May 20, 2020

Full Transcript

Larry Goldberg, Head of Accessibility at Verizon Media, joins Brian Fischler and Jeff Thompson in the studio to talk about bringing awareness to accessibility as May 21, 2020 is Global Accessibility Awareness Day.

Larry talks about developers building in accessibility from the start, Born Accessible is how Larry put it, and without regression. Not breaking accessibility.

Larry talks about how Teach Access was started to bring awareness to colleges and corporations about having accessibility embedded in the college curriculums so students can become aware and realize the importance of accessibility in the design stages.  

Larry explains how collectively the big companies, Google, Microsoft, Apple, Intuit, Walmart and more, share the need for developers, engineers and future employees to have accessibility in their education and to offer students the opportunity to see career paths in accessibility. 

Virtual Reality and Accessibility together? Larry talks about the XR Access Program. This year's symposium will be held online July 20th, You can learn all about it at

Larry discusses his involvement with the 21st Century Communications Act. Brian, you got that 21st Century, not 20th Century, there’s a difference, and it is about 100 years! Thanks Jeff for the editing.
Larry takes us through his day at Verizon Media Group, there is a lot of people to talk to as the Head of Global Accessibility and bringing corporations, companies and organizations together to learn from each other.
Hear what Verizon Media Group planned to share at CSUN this year. How the next generation is being showcased.

Yahoo Finance brings the accessibility to you with a new approach, listen to your stocks rise and fall through sound interpreting the graphs.

Even during this shelter in place, it is still full steam ahead at Verizon Media Group, nearly all workers are getting it done from home and ensuring the customers are being served.

And how about that accessible Yahoo Fantasy Football app? Give it a try, it’s all at your fingertips and Voice Over accessible ready.

Larry is excited about Global Accessibility Awareness Day. So kick back and enjoy.

To find out more, here are some links from the show:

Verizon Media Group

Teach Access

XR Access

Yahoo Fantasy Football App on the App Store

Yahoo Fantasy Sports App on Google Play

Thanks for listening.


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