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Podcast With A Blindness Perspective.

Aug 1, 2018

In collaboration with Jack Chen, Blind Abilities presents ExcelAbility. A collection of podcasts from Jack Chen’s ExcelAbility Team.

ExcelAbility, empowering excellence and success for people with disabilities.

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Jack Chen delivers talks and training for corporations and other organizations on empowering success for people with disabilities. Jack participates in Extreme Ultra Events, marathons, climbed Kilimanjaro, and was on the Sea To See Team in this year’s 2018 race Across America.

ExcelAbility: Conversation with Peter Denman, UX Designer who happens to have Dyslexia and quadriplegia

Podcast summary

In this episode we speak with user experience designer Peter Denman. As a young man, Peter suffered a spinal chord injury which resulted in his quadriplegia. Peter has learned to leverage that experience, as well as his dyslexia, to work on the most incredible design projects. Peter assisted in the development of the computer interface used by the late Stephen Hawking. Join us to hear Peter’s attitudes, techniques, and practices that enabled him to achieve incredible success.
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Key lessons

Peter will show us that

  • never giving up and pressing forward for the opportunity that will come,
  • finding creative solutions to overcome challenges, and
  • always saying yes, even if you are not sure you can do the thing you’ve been asked to do

have led to his tremendous success.


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