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Podcast With A Blindness Perspective.

May 23, 2018

FCB 2018: A Tour Around The Convention’s Exhibitors and More!

Again this year, blind Abilities was present at the Florida Council for the Blind Annual Convention, FCB 2018. Join Pete Lane as he grabs some interviews with vendors and participants at the convention. The vendors include:

* Emerald Coast Vision Aids, located in Pensacola, Florida. Mike Hage speaks about his products: a variety of low vision and blindness devices and equipment available through numerous well-known national vendors, You can check out their web site at:
Or give Mike a call at: 850-473-8081

* Florida School for the Deaf and Blind (FSDB), located in St. Augustine, Florida. Justin Keller chats about the various programs and courses offered to both Florida residents and nonresidents in this respected state school in beautiful old-city St. Augustine, Florida.

* Cheryl Spencer joins the team with an interview with Barry Scheuer of Guidelights and Gadgets, who provides unique, hard to find merchandise for the blind. Listen to examples of the products that Barry brings to as many as twelve blindness conventions each year. Check out his web site:

* Paul Odem’s Opals and Gems, owned and run by Paul and Patty Odem, offers fine gems, mostly opals, along with unusual pieces purchased from Estate sales and the like. They attend various blindness conventions and you can give them a call to chat about what inventory they have: 407-497-9938

* Join Pete as he chats again this year with Doug towns, with Votec Corp, makers of voting and voter-registration technology. Doug was in Jacksonville last year touting a survey for blind and visually impaired voters, the results of which have facilitated the development of the current voter technology that Doug brought to the convention. Listen to a sample of the speech output and capabilities of this technology, check out Votec and indicate where you live and would like to see it adopted in your polling place, on their web site:

Pete spent some time with the local Jacksonville, Florida chapter of the ACB who hosted the state convention. They provided a nice lunch and plenty of hospitality! Listen as Pete chats with several members and as they give a loud “Hello” to blind Abilities!

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