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Podcast With A Blindness Perspective.

Jun 30, 2018

In collaboration with Jack Chen, Blind Abilities presents ExcelAbility. A collection of podcasts from Jack Chen’s ExcelAbility Team.
ExcelAbility, empowering excellence and success for people with disabilities.
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Jack Chen delivers talks and training for corporations and other organizations on empowering success for people with disabilities. Jack participates in Extreme Ultra Events, marathons, climbed Kilimanjaro, and was be on the Sea To See Team in this years 2018 race Across America.


ExcelAbility: Conversation With Dan Berlin, Rodelle Food Company founder and epoch adventurist who happens to be blind

In this episode we speak with Dan Berlin, founder and owner of the RodelleFood Company. Rodelle produces fine baking products and spices, including vanilla bean and extracts. Rodelle’s vanilla products can be found in many of your local grocery stores in the U.S. Dan also regularly tackles epoch adventures such as hiking the Inca Trail in one day, running rim to rim to rim in the Grand Canyon, and climbing Mount Kilimanjaro in the dark to raise awareness and funds for various international causes. Tune in to hear about how Dan turned the hard lessons of vision loss to make him a better business man, adventurist, and person.
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Key lessons

Dan will show us that

  • Using his daily experiences as a person with a disability to make him a effective risk taker,
  • Using the challenges of disability to catalyze his true strengths, and
  • Working harder and smarter,

have led to his tremendous success.


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