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Podcast With A Blindness Perspective.

Jan 8, 2020

Yes, it has been a few months since the summer conventions but we got this one coming out right now, and it nearly drove itself right out of the Blind Abilities studio. By the way, this is episode #600, Wow!

Michael Colbrunn and Liz Bottner reflected back at an experience that made Las Vegas a ride they will never forget. 

From the Aira party, Liz and Michael both won the opportunity to be driven back to the hotel across town in a Lift provided BMW 3 Series that was fully equipped with autonomous components and the technology to get them through traffic, city roads and without a glitch. The company Aptiv has over 70 BMW 3 Series Liftvehicles on the roads of Las Vegas at any given moment. Gathering data, experience and impressing riders with the state of the art technology and ultimately, influencing public opinion to thousands of tourist from around the world.

Thank you AiraAptiv and Lift for creating this experience and thank you Liz and Michael for bringing your experiences back to life on this podcast.

Join Liz Bottner, Michael Colbrunn and Jeff Thompson as they relive the moment, the awe and learn how they feel about the future of autonomous vehicles.


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