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Podcast With A Blindness Perspective.

Oct 16, 2018

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On White Cane Day, Blind Abilities is proud to bring you part 2 of Dr. Amy Kavanagh: Accepting the Cane and Guide Dog Possibilities. Amy has adjusted to her limited vision since she was born and when it came time for the White cane, she thought it was for other people to understand or recognize that she doesn’t see very well. Never thinking she needed a cane for her own good and never thought about using a Guide Dog.


This all changed when she made a couple of phone calls to GuideDogsUK – it was life changing!

Her new-found independence and her ability to gain so much information from the White Cane was revolutionary and put to ease some of the constant struggles that held her back from reaching her full potential.


Join Dr. Amy Kavanagh and Jeff Thompson as they explore Amy’s long road toward accepting the cane and her introduction to GuideDogsUK.


Stay tuned for the next episode in this 3-part series with Dr. Amy Kavanagh’s journey and her revolations when she accepted her blindness. Check out Part 1 - Just Ask Don’t Grab – Meet Dr. Amy Kavanagh, Blogger, Activist, and Volunteer with a Message - #JustAskDontGrab


If you want to learn more about GuideDogsUK, check out the web site at


You can follow Amy on Twitter @BlondeHistorianand follow her blog, Cane Adventureson the web.


A very big Thank You to Chee Chaufor your beautiful music!


Thanks for listening!

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