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Podcast With A Blindness Perspective.

Jan 27, 2019

Show Summary:

Brian, Allison and Jeff are in the studio and sifting through the latest news and happenings. From privacy being a thing of the past to seniors being blamed for Fake News, the TBTS get down deep into the bowels of Smart products from C.E.S. and did I mention the Smart Toilets for about 8 grand? Yes, fittingly, that’s where we found them.

Oh my, how about Smart Diapers! Smart Home eco-systems?  Which one is for you or is it too late? I hear you, and so do most of the Smart Assistant devices as well. 

So, buckle up for this ride on the That Blind Tech Show Episode 26. And please give a warm welcome to Marlon Parieaho, as he  snuck into the studio for a few laughs. Hey, being around Brian and Allison is alright, but give me a break! Right? No worries, it’s all for fun and fun for all!

Check out the topics and links related to the show:

Dumbest person of the year in January. Glad we got it out of the way

New study shows people over 65 share the most fake news
City of L.A, sues Weather Channel App over misuse of targeted marketing
Is your TV tracking you? If you own a Vizio it may be.
Package tracking app turns users cell phones in to a Bot Farm
Carriers can sell your location to Bounty Hunters. Boba Fett
Now Tile is partnering with chip makers to embed its location tracking services

So many different smart home plugs will everything be compatible? For

Apple Home Kit was the surprise winner of CES 2019 
Hey Siri, Flush the toilet! It’s finally coming!`
Or if you rather Alexa flush the toilet thanks to Kohler
Samsung is launching a wearable Exoskeleton or as we know it Iron Man!
apple patent hints at smart clothing and smart furniture my parents recliners


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