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Podcast With A Blindness Perspective.

Mar 22, 2020

With the COVID-19 epidemic spreading across the World, there are so many questions being asked and protocols being established. Stephen Letnes took it upon himself to ask around the state of Minnesota, “How does a Blind/Visually Impaired person establish a ride to the Doctor’s office if they want them to come in and be tested?”

After fining absolutely no protocols in place, Stephen started his mission to bring his question to the attention of the Legislators, the, Health Department and the governor.

Join Stephen Letnes and Jeff Thompson in the Blind Abilities studio and find out how little has been done with concerns towards people who can’t drive and how do they get to the doctor for testing to see if they have Covid19.

In Minnesota you can call the Minnesota Covid19 Hotline: 651-201-3920

Here is a comprehensive list of all the states and their hotline phone numbers.

You can contact Stephen Letnes by email.

You can find out the latest from the web site of the Center of Disease Control

Check out the Corona Virus Resources for the BVI Community page from the BlindyBlog web site.

We want you to stay well, be kind and together, we will get through this.

Contact Your State Services

If you reside in Minnesota, and you would like to know more about Transition Services from State Services contact Transition Coordinator Sheila Koenig by email or contact her via phone at 651-539-2361.
To find your State Services in your State you can go to and search the directory for your agency.


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