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Podcast With A Blindness Perspective.

Jul 26, 2017

Chris Mairs is crossing the United States on a Tandem Bike traveling over 3600 miles in his 60 miles for 60 days fund raising adventure.

A Line of Sight, that’s

Initiative is to raise $40 per mile to assist 3600 people transform their lives with a surgery for cataracts. I posted a message from his blog page below so you can read all about his A Line of Sight fund raiser.

Chris talks about his mother’s commitment to “No MollyCuddle” and how she prepared him and his siblings for the future.

Chris talks about the ride and being blind and gives Transition age students some advice. Chris himself being a college graduate has also succeeded in business and his words are something to listen to.

I did not know Chris before; however, I have been reading his blogs on the and have enjoyed his writings and humor.

Chris and his team passed through Minnesota and I just had to reach out and believe me, I am glad that I got a chance to share a few moments with Chris Mairs.

I hope you take a look at Chris’s A Line of Sight web page and help make a difference.


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