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Podcast With A Blindness Perspective.

Aug 26, 2017

BVA17: Introducing BrainPort and Low Vision Simulators - Two New Kinds of Accessibility Products

Blind Abilities brings you their final installment from the Blinded Veterans Association (BVA) 2017 national convention in Jacksonville, Florida. With this episode, Pete introduces two products which he has not previously encountered. 


first, BrainPort V-100 Vision Aid, a pair of sun glasses possessing a video camera that converts images into electronic impulses to a square disk that sits on the tongue. This device allows blind users to detect contrast in an image: the lighter the image, the more intense the sensation will be on the tongue. It is used in conjunction with a navigational tool, such as a cane or dog to provide an additional piece of sensory information for the user - any information is good information!  Check out BrainPort at:


Next, Pete learns about Low vision simulators, created by Marshall flax who converts ‘welders goggles” into devices that simulate various visual conditions, such as Macular Degeneration, RP, etc. These goggles can be purchased in a package of all 13 units, or individually to show sighted people what blind or visually impaired folks actually see. These devices can be shared with friends or family, or used by Rehab specialists, trainers or other professionals help family or friends better understand and cope with blindness. 

Check them out on the web.

Blind Abilities would like to thank all the folks who chatted with us at #BVA2017, and special thanks to the Blinded Veterans Association for all they do for the heroes who served our country, and for holding a great convention!

Thank you for listening.

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