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Podcast With A Blindness Perspective.

Jan 24, 2018

Brian Snowman Powers: Sound Engineer, Teacher and Musician, It’s All About the Sax, Low Vision. #SuccessStory


Success Stories is a series we are producing to show how State Services for the Blind is a vehicle towards success. From job training, researching school’s to attend and gaining the skills and confidence, State Services is there for you. Be sure to contact your State Services for the Blind and see what they can do for you.


Brian powers grew up with the challenges of bullying and being just a bit different. Brian has Albinism and is legally Blind. From his days in K-12 to his journey into the music industry, Brian shares his challenges, his resolve and his passion for music.

Brian has contributed his successful transitions into school, work and setting up his business to the help he received from State Services for the Blind of Minnesota. From providing visual devices, guidance and support Brian has utilized the services provided by State Services at every crossroads  along his education and career.

Brian is setting up his new studio in the Uptown section of Minneapolis, Minnesota and by the time you finish listening to his podcast, he will probably be sitting behind his sound board mixing another client’s creation.

Brian plays the Saxophone and has done so for over 32 years. From playing with National bands to the local scene in Minneapolis, Brian’s clients that look him up for recording come from all around the World.

Join Jeff Thompson as he talks to Brian Snowman Powers and hear the beautiful Saxophone music played by Brian. You can find more of Brian’s music on his SoundCloud web site.

You can stay up to date with Brian and his band on his Facebook page.

Whether Brian is mixing, recording or gigging with the band, Brian is living out his love of music, sound and not letting his visual impairment stop him from envisioning and realizing his dreams.

Thank you for listening.


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