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Podcast With A Blindness Perspective.

Jan 22, 2021

Full Transcript

BlindAbilities presents the team from touch pad pro assistive technology,  who is in the process of developing three new and totally innovative products for the blind and visually impaired. Jeff Thompson chats with Kristin Smedley, Chief Communications Officer, Brian Edwards, chief  operating Officer, and founder and Chief Executive Officer, Daniel Lubiner

With long term plans to develop the highly technical touch pad pro, the team is first focusing on the loess technical, but equally as important Braille Doodle.
As Daniel comments, "it would be great to offer a device at or around $65.. which we could not only buy for one student, but for all students.”

The Braille Doodle should be about the size of a laptop computer, with hundreds of holes, housing magnetic dots that can be raised using a magnetic stylus to draw pictures, shapes, or other tactile images, or which can be covered with a plastic sleeve to reveal only  braille cells which will facilitate teaching young students or others who might not be able to enjoy Face-to-face braille instruction from a TVI, or parent. 

Witnessing a unique interest among the blindness community and with a building passion for what they are creating, the team is targeting release of the Braille Doodle in September of 2021. At this point, they are trying to raise awareness of this innovative product and funding to produce it. So if you would be interested in helping the team out, while participating in the mission of a socially conscious start-up company, check out their web site at

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