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Podcast With A Blindness Perspective.

Nov 15, 2020

Brittany Montgomery and Riley Robinson join Jeff in the Blind Abilities studio to share their mission to bring blind cricket to the U.S. 

They describe the passion for this hugely popular sport that has energized people in other countries and believe that if they can generate an awareness and familiarity in the states, then that passion would grow here as well. Listen as they show their sheer enthusiasm, not only for the enjoyment that the sport would bring to blind athletes stateside, but for the broader international possibilities such an arrangement might offer in the future. For example, players may have opportunities to travel internationally to play teams from other countries, and even compete in international blind cricket events like the World Blind Cricket Cup, an event thus far dominated by countries such as Pakistan and India.

listen as Riley and Britney describe how the game is played, how it might take root in the mid-western United States, and eventually grow into a national and even international phenomenon for our blindness community. Hear how they have personally worked hard to make this initiative happen, and how the international blind cricket community has provided both moral  and material support in the form of equipment and supplies  to assist them. The ladies have already held several initial events to begin spreading the awareness of the sport, and have a live event planned later in November in Ohio for those who may be interested in looking into this. The event is planned for November 21, at the Franklin adventure center in Columbus, Ohio.

so sit back and enjoy this fascinating presentation about blind cricket: how it Might appeal to you, how you might participate, and how you can look forward to more opportunities as a member of the blind community. 

 please feel free to reach out to Riley and Britney in the following ways:

On Twitter: @BlindCricketMW

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