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Podcast With A Blindness Perspective.

Jul 27, 2016

Blind Abilities offers this, the third installment in their series: the Process Of Creating A Podcast. In this Part, Pete Lane  covers Chapter 5 of the series in which he demonstrates how he applies various effects to separate mono tracks, including eliminating “speak-overs” where two people speak at the same time, applying silence to quiet the gaps in between speaking, and applying Equalization to a single track to enhance the audio quality of the voice. Join Pete as he continues to take us through his comprehensive process of creating and producing a podcast using Amadeus Pro, the multi-track recording and editing software for the Mac.


Included in this Part:


* Chapter 5 - Editing and Applying Effects To Multiple Tracks


* Below is a list of Amadeus Pro Keyboard Commands used in this series:


Navigation Commands

- Move to next/Previous Marker - Option + Right/Left Arrow

- Extend Selection to Next/Previous Marker - Command + Right/Left Arrow 

- Move to beginning/end of audio file - Option + Home/End

- Go To Location (determine and/or go to exact time location of audio file) - Command + G

- Move to Right Channel in single stereo track - Press Down Arrow key twice

- Move to Left channel in single stereo track - Press Up Arrow key twice

- Move between single tracks in a multi-track file - Press N, or VO + Up/Down Arrow


Action Commands

- Place Insertion Point - Command + P

- Play/Pause selected audio - Press spacebar

- Play from beginning of audio file - Press Tab key

- Advance/Reverse Play Back - Press Right/Left Arrow during play back

- Sample resulting audio after deletion is made - Press E

- Set Marker - Press P, or Command + Shift + M

- Delete Selected Audio - Press Backspace button at top right of keyboard

- Delete all tracks together in multi-track file - Option + Back space

- Listen to focused track in multi-track file - Shift + spacebar

- Save File - Press S

- Save As new file - Command + Shift + S

- Repeat last action - Command + T

- Undo Previous Action - Command Z

- Redo Undone Action - Command + Shift + Z

- Bounce Multi-track file to a new, single-track file - Command + Shift + F

- Fade-in - Command + Shift + Comma

- Fade-out - Command + Shift + Period


Stay tuned for Part 4 of this series where we will convert our two mono tracks to stereo, apply effects, and then bounce our two stereo tracks to a single stereo track.