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Podcast With A Blindness Perspective.

Feb 18, 2017

Blind Abilities presents this new “Mini Series” An In depth Look at Aira, The Product and the Company. In this the first installment, they chat with Chancey Fleet, an Assistive Technology Professional living in New York City. Chancey offers her candid and informative thoughts about the product: its many strengths and shares suggestions for how the product can be enhanced in the future. Chancey is an excellent guest, and you must tune in to hear her articulate on this dynamic product. You can follow Chancey on Twitter @ChanceyFleet.


In future installments in this Mini Series, Pete and Jeff will speak with other Aira users, Aira Agents, and a representative from the Aira corporate team. Did you think you’ve learned all you can about this fascinating product? Well, think again! This podcast and others will show you the Aira Glasses and programs “inside-out” like you’ve never seen before!

Thank you for listening.

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