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Podcast With A Blindness Perspective.

Mar 15, 2018

An Aira Update: With Greg Stilson, Aira Agents, Leadership and Explorers 


blind Abilities presents an update on all things Aira. Join Jeff and Pete with their guest, Greg Stilson, Director, Aira Product Management, as he joins the podcast once again, this time to share his thoughts around his recent career change to Aira. Hear Greg’s story of how he first learned of Aira, and how that grew into a passion for the product, and eventually his decision to come on board. Greg is joined by a cast of contributors who also share their ideas and opinions about Aira, Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality, as Aira unveils their new Horizon glasses which should appear in the hands of Explorers later this year. Set a few minutes aside as Blind Abilities offers an update on Aira, the product, the agents, the Leadership and, most importantly, the Aira Explorers who offer their live comments from the Aira Explorers What’s App platform! 


The following participants contributed their comments to this podcast:


* Aira Team Members: 

Greg Stilson, Director Product Management

Amy Bernal, Vice President, Customer Experience

Emily Hill, Agent Analyst

Patrick Lane, Agent Analyst 

Carlos Duarte, Aira Customer Care Agent


* Scott Brockman, CEO, Memphis International Airport 


* Aira Explorers:

Brooklyn Rodden 

Stacy Fuehrer 

Celeste Whelk

Robert Stigile 

Hope Paulos

Blaine Deutscher 

Cheela Daniele Robles 

Juanita Herrera 

Cheryl spencer 

Aleeha Dudley 

 Tiffany Manosh

Veronica Martinez 


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