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Podcast With A Blindness Perspective.

Jan 22, 2019

Show Summary:

Jonathan Mosen sits down in the Blind Abilities studio to talk about the latest news from Aira. With a brand new promotion where anyone with a Free account can use the Aira service for 30 minutes, anywhere, anytime and when you want. Just download the Free Aira app from the iOS App Storeor Google Play Storeand you can use your Free 30 minutes all at once or incrementally any way you want. You must use the 30 minutes within 7 days, so what are you waiting for? This promotion won’t last for ever! Join the many Aira Explorers already utilizing Aira and see what Aira can do for you.

 Plus, you can now join the other Aira Explorers and learn how they are using Aira in their lives, at work, at home, during travel.

And here is the link to subscribe to the Explorer Email ListServe Community.

Jonathan also talks about the new Aira Training Modulescalled Exploring Aira.

From the web:

Exploring Aira is a series of audio lessons available for online listening or download.

Presented by Jonathan Mosen, Exploring Aira helps you to understand what we do, and how our service works. Jonathan takes you step-by-step through installing the app, registering for free service or for a paid plan, using our smart glasses, and understanding every feature offered by our app. You'll not only learn how to use Aira. You'll also hear from Explorers using Aira for a diverse range of work, leisure and study tasks.

 In short, Exploring Aira shows you how to use Aira, and what to use it for. 

Join Jonathan Mosen and Jeff Thompson as they explore all the opportunities and share experiences using Aira’s Smart Glass Technology.

You can find out more about Aira and Subscribe to an Aira package that best fits your needs, there is something for everyone. On the web at www.Aira.IOand follow all the latest news and announcements on Twitter @AiRAIO.


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