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Podcast With A Blindness Perspective.

Apr 24, 2017

Aira Visual Interpreter for the Blind: the Agent Perspective, Growing and Evolving, an Inside Look
Blind Abilities presents the next installment in its series on Aira. Pete Lane continues his interview with Amy Bernal, Director of Aira Agents, and Patrick Lane, Aira Agent analyst. Hear their thoughts on Aira agent training, their views on customer service and the continuing evolution of the agent position. Aira has grown from eight contract agents at the time of the interview, to twenty-three, and they continue to hire. If you are a sighted listener, check the web site at Aira.IO for details, or contact Erin@Aira.IO for information on becoming an agent. Hear how Aira is piloting extended hours of availability until 10p.m. Pacific Time, 1a.m. Eastern.   
Blind Abilities offers a detailed look into Aira: the product, its users, agents and the company itself - a perspective that cannot be found anywhere else in the podcast arena. stay tuned for future podcasts as Jeff and Pete interview Erich Manser, employed by IBM Accessibility and a blind runner who recently completed the Boston Marathon with Aira as part of his visual guide. Keep it tuned right here for more podcasts with a blindness perspective!

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