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Podcast With A Blindness Perspective.

May 27, 2018

Job Insights Extra brings you Rob Hobson, Cordinator for Professional Development and College prep at Blindness Learning In New Dimensions, Inc. Best known as Blind, Inc. located in Minneapolis, Minnesota.
Rob tells his story how he overcame the challenges that nearly defeated him when entering his Masters program. He made a decision to improve his Blindness skills and this led him on the journey he continues today.
From nearly bailing out to exceeding his own expectations by finishing his Masters degree ahead of time and landing a job in the career he wanted.
Rob talks about his job details when he started as an Orientation and Mobility instructor to his duties today as Cordinator of Professional Development and the College Prep program. Join Rob Hobson and Jeff Thompson on this brief look into Rob’s Adjustment to Blindness and how he is helping others adjust to their Blindness today.

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You can find out more about Blind,Inc and Adjustment to Blindness on the web at
You can also contact Rob and Blind, Inc. via email

You can find out more about State Services for the Blind on the web at www.MN.Gov/Deed/SSB
And to find Services in your state check out the American Foundation for the Blind web site and enter your State’s name in the, “Find Local Services” section.

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