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Podcast With A Blindness Perspective.

Oct 22, 2020

Lois Strachan is a multi-talented artist and has just published her new book, “A Different Way of Seeing (Second Edition): A Blind Woman’s Journey of Living an Ordinary Life in an Extraordinary Way.” Lois returns to the Blind Abilities Studio to talk about her decision to author a 2nd edition and what led her to take a 2nd look at “A Different Way of Seeing”.

Lois is an author, singer, speaker, podcaster and her new book gives a look at how she has overcome the challenges of losing her sight and offers answers to the curious who wonder how she gets about and doing what she does.

This is a good book for family members and co-workers of someone who happens to be Blind, and people who are Blind or Visually Impaired who want to know more about how ordinary life can be for someone who is Blind.

Lois lost her sight and joined a Rock band, finished college, went to work and sought out the life that she wanted. Her book, “A Different Way of Seeing – Second Edition” takes you through her journey, her experiences and from her own perspective.

You can order Lois’s new book in paperback format today on Amazon.

Pre-Order your Kindle version and receive your copy October 28!

You can read her blog and learn more about Lois Strachan on the web at

And subscribe to her podcast, “A Different Way of Traveling”. On Apple or search in any pod-catcher of choice.

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